Sequestration vs Debt Review

Sequestration – enables you to live a normal financial life (debt free) – where you are not plagued by arrear debts with high interest rates. You will have no more fears that creditors will phone you day and night from “private numbers” and you can answer your calls fearlessly. The Sheriff may no longer hassle you!

All your debts are written off and your salary and other income is still your own and you do not have to pay any creditor. After 4 years you apply to Court for a Rehabilitation Court Order which means that your Credit Rating is re-instated completely. You can now after only 4 years, buy another house and make credit again.

Debt Review – A Debt Counsellor will help alleviate your financial strain; they are in a position to negotiate new debt restructure schemes, time-scales and even interest rates with credit providers. New debt restructure amounts will be based on what funds you have only after your necessary expenses have been paid – ensuring that your debt becomes affordable for you and your family.